If you don’t install the right sealing topcoat, concrete floors can become leaky because it is not waterproof. 

Surfaces that are exposed to moisture should be waterproofed. There are several approaches to waterproof concrete floors in places like kitchens, garages, parking spaces, and patios. When you waterproof concrete floors, they become durable, and it reduces the risk of erosion, exposure to cracks, and rust. That’s why you need to use adhesive epoxies from an epoxy flooring contractor in Ottawa.

Several businesses and homeowners prefer to use epoxy coatings to make their concrete look elegant. For your concrete floors, you should consider using an epoxy coating. Most people believe that epoxy is the same as ordinary paint. But the reality is it is not. Epoxy is a hardened resin, while the paint is made of liquid acrylic. Epoxy makes the floor better while the paint dries up. The method of smearing it may look the same to the naked eye, but the products perform differently. 

If you have old concrete that needs a revamp, then you should use epoxies. Epoxy improves the appearance of your concrete as well as prevents wear and tear. It is much better than normal paint. Here are some benefits of why you need to waterproof your concrete with resinous epoxies

It’s Resists Chemicals

Epoxy is hardly affected by powerful chemicals and other substances that could seriously damage your concrete floors. From oil, bleach, and other strong chemicals, you can spill anything on concrete floors that are covered with epoxy, leave the floor for a while, clean it up, and you will notice no problems. That’s why epoxy is the preferred product for your concrete floors in your garage, hospital, and more. 

It Endures Hot Tire Pickup in Garages 

Epoxy is always preferred for garages since you won’t mess up your floors with the “hot tire pickup” right after you’ve parked your car. The rubber tires always get hot after a long drive, and they often soften weak coatings like acrylic paint. Afterward, when the tires contract, it tears the coating off the surface and leads to delamination. Epoxy coatings can repair delamination. 

When you use the epoxy coating on your garage floor, you won’t encounter this problem. In most cases, you will be offered a warranty after the project has been completed. You won’t worry about the hot tire again.

It’s Attractive and Professional 

Epoxy coatings always look neat and smooth, and you have the chance to pick your favorite color and design. You can always get a strong concrete coating that is beautiful. Epoxy coatings fall into this category.

It’s Cost-effective

When applying epoxy coating on your floor, the only charge you will pay for is the product, floor preparation, and labor. It is an affordable option when you’ve decided to improve your worn-out concrete floor. 

It is Easy to Clean

Epoxy is easy to clean since bacteria are never trapped in the coating. You will require less time to sanitize and maintain it to keep the floors looking elegant.

It’s Tough and Lasts Long

Epoxy coatings are trusted to last a long time. The finish protects the concrete floors from moisture penetration and cracks. It is durable and will keep your floors in good shape for many years without chipping.

It is Visible to the Eye

Because it is attractive and available in different colors, epoxy can immediately add light in your dark warehouse or garage. Since it is visible, it can enhance safety and your working environment to provide suitable working conditions. Always use resinous epoxy for your concrete floors. But if you don’t know what to do or where to start to check out: https://diamondcoating.ca/ottawa-epoxy/

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