Concrete Acid Etching

At Diamond Coating, we offer acid etching services using state-of-the-art equipment and time-test techniques to prepare new concrete floors with the long-lasting coating of your choice.

We are committed to excellence and delivering high-quality flooring solutions to our huge clientele across Greater Toronto and Hamilton area.


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If you want to beautify your concrete floors with epoxy, stain or paint coatings, it’s important first to etch concrete.

At Diamond Coating, our technicians professionally treat the surface of the concrete following the standard SOPs. We ensure desired results, whether treating the garage floor or any residential, industrial or commercial concrete surface.

We follow industry-standard safety procedures at Diamond Coating, including wearing protective gear and rubber gloves and sealing off the area when providing acid etching concrete services.

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There are many benefits of choosing acid-etched concrete over other methods, including –

Acid etching is faster, readying the floor for concrete sealer application in less than 24 hours in most cases.

Acid etching is far more cost-effective than other methods to open the pores of concrete.

Acid etching requires far lesser manpower than alternative methods.

Acid etched surface ensures long-lasting concrete coating.

Acid etching doesn’t cause dust, unlike grinding.

Acid etching doesn’t pose the risk of causing an uneven surface due to gouging.



At Diamond Coating, we are a professional, licensed, and experienced epoxy concrete floor professional contractor.

We have the resources, specialized equipment, and flooring experts to help prepare your floor for concrete sealer or coating, ensuring stunning aesthetic looks, longevity, and durability. Trust us, and you’ll be glad you did


Concrete acid etching is one of the most important steps for surface preparation. It ensures the concrete floor is ready for the next treatment.

Acid etching opens tiny pores in the concrete, ensuring epoxy coating or any other type of coating easily penetrates and adheres to the flooring for a better, long-lasting finish.

Even though a concrete surface can be similarly prepared by abrading it with a grinder, acid etching is the more commonly preferred method because it’s cost-effective and less labour-intensive.


To treat the concrete surface, we use an acid solution consisting of either phosphoric acid or hydrochloric acid (muriatic acid) mixed with water.

However, before applying the acid solution, the surface of the concrete is thoroughly cleaned to remove metal flakes, fine particles, dirt, and debris.

For acid etching, a wet floor is required. So, water is evenly applied before the acid solution is sprayed on the concrete floor or applied using other methods.

Our technicians seal the area during the etching process to ensure acid fumes are not inhaled by people around, which can be potentially dangerous.

Once the acid solution is applied on a concrete surface, a chemical reaction occurs, otherwise known as concrete etching.


Whether to go for concrete grinding or acid etching is a much-debated question when going for an epoxy coating or other types of garage floor coating. To be fair, both processes have their pros and cons.

Grinding allows more in-depth profiling of the concrete surface but is typically a more time-consuming, labor-intensive, and expensive process.

Acid etching using muriatic acid is relatively fast, cost-effective, and thorough. It is also commonly preferred for DIY application before concrete coating.

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If you’re in a dilemma about getting your floor acid etched through professionals or going the DIY route, it’s highly recommended you choose professional experts for the job.

Why? Because our flooring experts have the expertise, skills, safety gear and equipment to create the acid solution in the right proportion.

Our flooring experts can handle muriatic acid fumes, know if more baking soda or excess mortar is required, and conduct the process to perfection, achieving desired results quickly.


A typical acid solution for acid etching is one part acid mixed with around 3 to 10 parts of water. How much acid is required depends on the floor’s condition.

To find the perfect mix, we use a highly diluted solution initially and carefully add up acid until the solution is potent enough to start bubbling when dropped on a concrete surface.

For a rough concrete surface, one gallon of diluted solution is recommended for approximately every 50 to 75 square feet.

For a smooth concrete surface, one gallon of diluted solution is recommended for 75 to 100 square feet.

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Q: How soon can I etch industrial floors after fresh concrete has been installed?

A: Industrial floors should be grinded or acid etched normally 30 to 60 days after installing fresh concrete. Concrete needs sufficient curing time before it can be etched to prepare for concrete coating.

Q: What happens if I don't repair my concrete floor before epoxy coating?

A:It will only end up highlighting the damaged areas if you don’t repair the concrete surface before epoxy coating.

Moreover, even if you don’t notice any visible problems in the beginning, the durability and longevity of epoxy coating are greatly reduced due to damaged areas underneath.

It would lead to the epoxy coating peeling off or detaching much sooner than anticipated, leaving you with no option but to redo the entire floor again.

Simply put, it’s highly recommended to repair the concrete surface before concrete sealer or coating is applied.

Q: Can I do concrete grinding instead of acid etching?

A:Yes, at Diamond Coating, we provide both grinding and acid etching services to our clients.

We can even do the on-site floor inspection, if needed, to provide you with our expert recommendations.

Whether to go for acid etching or grinding for floor profiling depends on many other factors, including –

  • Grinding may be required if the concrete surface is highly uneven and hard.
  • If there’s glue covering the pores of the concrete, choose grinding over acid etching.
  • Choose grinding if the floor is marred with heavy stains, caulk or mastics.
  • If the budget for floor profiling is low, go for concrete etching using acid.
  • Type of concrete coating to be used. The grinding and acid etching concrete process is suitable regardless of the chosen concrete coating.

Concrete etching using acid is overall a more suitable option because it’s cheap, fast, and cost-effective, and the process is fairly simple and environment-friendly.

Q: Is acid etching a good DIY project?

A: When you go through the DIY route, you not only run the risk of damaging the floor even further but may expose yourself to health and safety risks.

Trust our flooring professionals to get the acid etching done right the first time itself, prepping your floor for concrete coating without leaving any room for errors.


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