Choosing reliable flooring finishes requires the expertise of an experienced professional and that’s where we come in. We are Diamond Coating epoxy flooring contractor Ottawa. Our permanent staff members are trained, licensed and insured flooring contractors who professionally install flooring in the National Capital region and in Ottawa. 

We provide quality epoxy services to a wide range of projects which are not limited to residential like basements and garages, industrial and commercial like warehouses, gym spaces and offices. 

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Why Ottawa needs epoxy flooring

Epoxy is added to a concrete floor because it makes the surface durable, smooth and be able to withstand heavy loads for a long time. Epoxy coating is the go-to flooring finish for warehouses, commercial buildings, and industrial sites because it provides a safe and clean environment for equipment, inventory, and workers. 

Here are some more benefits of installing epoxy flooring in Ottawa:

  • Epoxy flooring needs minimal to no maintenance. 
  • Protects existing concrete floor from suffering wear and tear.
  • Great for applying floor signs such as driveways. 
  • It makes the surface chemically resistant. 
  • It is resistant to oil and water stains. 
  • Epoxy flooring will last a minimum of 3 years depending on proper maintenance. 
  • It can be installed fast and easily.
  • Epoxy will withstand continuous and heavy traffic. 
  • The glossy surface provides brightness to interiors. 

A word of caution

Although epoxy flooring is skid-resistant, it is not recommended for places that experience consistent spills. This is because the surface becomes slippery when wet and should be approached with caution. 

Cleaning chemicals and epoxy flooring

At Diamond Coating Epoxy Flooring Ottawa we recommend flooring based on the kind of cleaning chemical the client uses. The epoxy coating variety which contains anti-skid additives is known to be sensitive to corrosive cleaners. Harsh cleaning chemicals can significantly reduce the lifespan of epoxy coating. 

However, epoxy flooring contains chemical resistance properties that will not affect its effectiveness in case of contact with battery chemicals, vehicle fuels, and other industrial chemical spills

Different varieties are suited to the kind of environment the epoxy flooring will be applied to. Our experienced flooring staff is able to offer free consultation and easily assess the proper variety required for a specific client. 

Can anyone apply epoxy flooring in Ottawa by themselves?

The process of applying epoxy flooring starts by covering the floor with a thin water layer. Next, the required epoxy is poured on to the ground. A roller is ideal for spreading the epoxy across the whole floor. Then it is left for six hours. 

The above process seems straightforward but a lot has to be put into consideration for example the temperature has to be perfect for applying a particular coating. Otherwise, the epoxy will peel off after a short time. 

DIY epoxy flooring will seem cheap in the short term but it is guaranteed to become expensive and more accident-prone. That is why we use our experience in the industry to work with client budgets to provide quality and reliable epoxy flooring installations in Ottawa. 

Hiring an experienced and reputable epoxy flooring contractor such as Diamond Coating Epoxy Flooring Ottawa is a guaranteed way to save not only money but also avoid unnecessary accidents in the future. Visit to book a free consultation today, which includes a free quotation from a Diamond Coating representative.  

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