Commercial Epoxy Flooring

If you are in the market for a durable flooring solution that stands the test of time, then you should definitely look into commercial epoxy flooring services from Diamond Coating!


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Benefits Of Commercial Epoxy Flooring

Using commercial epoxy floor services is an effective way to enhance the durability and aesthetic appeal of industrial buildings, offices, and warehouses. Ideal for areas that experience high foot traffic, epoxy’s one-coat application is quick and easy.

Aesthetically speaking, this type of flooring provides a sleek, seamless look that can be customized to meet any desired colour palette. Additionally, epoxy flooring comes with a myriad of benefits when used in businesses.

Commercial Epoxy Flooring Services

 With our epoxy flooring solutions, you can say goodbye to dealing with scratches, stains, and chips leaving you with a smooth and seamless surface that is guaranteed to last. Diamond Coating provides surface preparation for concrete floors, as well as professional epoxy coating installation.

Commercial epoxy flooring is an ideal choice for many types of business and industrial establishments. Epoxy coating is easy to maintain, long-lasting, and resistant to high levels of traffic and other wear and tear. An epoxy flooring system is the best commercial flooring option out there!

Commercial epoxy flooring
Commercial epoxy flooring

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Epoxy floors are extremely durable and can withstand exposure to harsh chemicals, hot or cold temperatures, heavy machinery, forklift traffic, and other industrial activities. The range of commercial epoxy flooring options available today is vast, providing businesses with a diverse range of choices for their own unique needs.

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The surface will be cleaned thoroughly before any coating is applied in order to ensure adhesion between layers. This includes completely removing any loose material from the substrate such as grease, oil, or dirt. Any voids in the substrate should be filled prior to coating application.

A primer coat may be applied prior to actual coating application depending on specific site requirements; however, this step may not always be necessary based on other factors such as temperature, environmental conditions, etc.

Commercial Flooring Epoxy Installation

Epoxy is an ideal surface for commercial industrial spaces because it’s long-lasting and slip-resistant. However, proper maintenance is essential to maintain its vibrant colour and durability over time.

To ensure your epoxy floor remains strong, you should make sure it is installed by a professional team of epoxy flooring specialists. They will prepare the surface properly and be well-equipped to install the epoxy flooring.

Commercial epoxy flooring
Commercial epoxy flooring


Professional epoxy coatings can be customized according to the specific needs of each individual setting; whether it is creating anti-slip surfaces, anti-corrosive environments, or even design elements that add personality while maintaining functionality within the confines of current industry regulations.


By choosing a professional commercial epoxy flooring service provider you can rest assured you will receive timely installation with quality workmanship targeted specifically for your requirements – regardless if it’s for light foot traffic areas like reception areas or highly technical aerospace hangers. Count on us for the best epoxy coating, surface prep, and diamond grinding services available in Ontario.

Epoxy Floor Industrial


Epoxy flooring is a durable and attractive coating system that can be applied to a variety of surfaces to provide a protective layer and often an aesthetic upgrade. It’s commonly used in industrial and commercial settings to create a seamless, sealed surface that can handle high levels of foot traffic and heavy equipment while still looking great.

To apply epoxy coatings, proper surface preparation such as concrete grinding and concrete polishing must be done before installing the epoxy floors. In most cases, the concrete floor will be sealed as well.

Worker applying a yellow epoxy resin bucket on floor.


Epoxy floors fall into two main types; self-leveling epoxies or those that require a thicker coating applied by professionals. Self-leveling epoxy is typically used for commercial applications that require a smoother finish with fewer seams. This type of flooring has the advantage that it can be applied quickly without much disruption to the daily operations of your business or warehouse environment, while still creating an attractive finish with excellent wear properties.

For thicker coatings on concrete surfaces in more demanding commercial settings such as warehouses and factories, professional coating systems are usually needed in order to ensure maximum durability and longevity.


A properly installed commercial epoxy floor can result in increased productivity due to improved safety conditions as well as making regular maintenance much easier and cost-effective.

Depending on the specific needs of your facility, there are various types of epoxy coatings with various levels of performance available to suit your needs. Looking for shot blasting services? We’ve got you covered! Call us today for a free quote.

Industrial Concrete Floor Leveling


Commercial moisture-resistant epoxy floors are specifically designed to withstand water-based cleansers, detergents, waxes, and other chemical agents. The result is a floor that looks great and stands up to the harshest of conditions.


Commercial epoxy flooring is an increasingly popular choice for businesses, offering a scientific approach to maintaining a clean and glossy aesthetic surface that stands up to heavy foot traffic. However, just like any other material, epoxy surfaces may eventually experience problems such as scratching, yellowing or peeling.


Are you looking for a durable and visually appealing flooring option? Discover the beauty and benefits of commercial epoxy flooring! Perfect for businesses, this product promises long-term durability and protection, giving you peace of mind. Our moisture-resistant epoxy flooring is a great option for any industrial flooring. Whether you’re starting from scratch or just need a few cracks filled before getting started, our team of epoxy flooring experts are here to help.


Q: How long do commercial epoxy floors last?

A: Commercial epoxy flooring is a popular choice for industrial and commercial spaces due to its exceptional durability and longevity. Epoxy floors are designed to resist wear and tear, mechanical impact, UV radiation, and chemical damage, making them an ideal flooring solution for any environment.

Generally speaking, a good-quality epoxy floor from a professional installation service can be expected to last upwards of 15-20 years with proper maintenance.

Q: Are epoxy floors high maintenance?

A: It’s recommended that business owners hire an experienced professional who is familiar with these types of installations when planning their new epoxy floors. The right contractor can ensure that all details are taken into consideration to create the most faultless coating application possible.

Regular cleaning with mild detergents will prolong the lifespan of your epoxy floors but overall maintenance should be minimal when done correctly during installation.

Q: How much does commercial epoxy flooring cost?

A: Overall, commercial epoxy flooring costs will depend largely on the scale of your project and on the specific type chosen – however if properly installed correctly it can last several decades before needing to be replaced or repaired meaning it’s an investment worth making!


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