Concrete Leveling

Concrete doesn’t have to be a hard nut to crack! When it comes to leveling, we’ve got the answers you’re looking for. Itching for an easy solution? Keep reading—you’re about to find out why concrete leveling is just the answer you’ve been searching for.


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concrete leveling surfaces

Concrete Floor Leveling

Concrete floor leveling is an important step to ensure the durability and stability of a concrete floor surface. Leveling a concrete floor prepares the base for additional treatments like stains, sealers, epoxy coatings, self-leveling overlays, and more.

Whether you’re dealing with an old existing slab or pouring a new one, understanding the basics of level slab construction techniques can help you achieve great results.

Concrete Surface Preparation

Concrete floor leveling is the process of using a cement-based product to fill in dips, cracks, and unevenness on existing concrete slabs. It is often necessary to perform floor leveling when there is damage to a concrete surface due to factors such as structural shifting or settling of the ground beneath it.

Professional contractors at Diamond Coating can be called upon to properly level highly trafficked areas such as shop floors, warehouses, and manufacturing facilities or outdoor surfaces such as driveways and patios.

concrete leveling surfaces
Concrete Leveling Services

Commercial Concrete Leveling

When undertaking concrete floor leveling projects it’s important to identify and address any issues with the existing slab before proceeding. A thorough inspection should be done to detect any potential problem areas like drainage issues that may affect the outcome of the project. If necessary, repairs can be made prior to beginning leveling of the surface.

The experts at Diamond Coating are pros at repairing concrete slabs. Give us a call today to book your free consultation for your concrete repair, concrete raising, and leveling project.


Floor leveling helps create a smooth, durable finish that will stand up to foot traffic and heavy machinery such as forklifts. By filling in dips and crevices, floor leveling can even out an area so that it matches adjacent surfaces for an improved look and feel.

In addition, when concrete floors are leveled properly, excess materials are reduced; creating a more efficient operation with fewer hazards from loose debris or tools becoming stuck in uneven portions of the flooring surface.

Concrete Lifting & Leveling

Professional concrete floor leveling requires extensive knowledge of cement chemistry, proper equipment use, and safety considerations for working with this product. It may involve:

  • Grinding away high spots on existing slab floors
  • The application of interior coatings and sealers designed to protect against moisture seepage
  • Correct unleveled surfaces without tearing them up again.
concrete leveling
mason leveling the cement screed

Concrete Slab Repair & Surface Prep

Before applying epoxy to a concrete surface, the area must be thoroughly cleaned, prepared, and sealed. Depending on the condition of the concrete, this could involve:

  • Removing old coatings or sealants
  • Power washing
  • Grinding or diamond grinding for smoothness
  • Patching imperfections with a concrete patch
  • Sealing any cracks or joints

Taking these steps is key to ensuring that the epoxy will remain securely bonded to the concrete and penetrate the surface to achieve maximum adhesion.

Concrete Leveling Surfaces

When it comes to professional concrete floor leveling, never settle for anything less than professional results from a team of expert technicians. Finding the right person for the job can be a challenge – that’s why we’re here!

Diamond Coating provides free consultations and turn-key solutions for all of your industrial flooring needs.

spreading self leveling compound with roller

Diamond Coating Epoxy & Concrete

Ensure a flawless finish with our professional concrete leveling services. Avoid the disappointment of cracks and imperfections caused by poor installation techniques, improper mixing or application, vibration, and ground movement.

Trust us to use only top-quality materials and expert techniques to minimize the risk of cracking and ensure a smooth, level surface.

Concrete Floor Leveling

Diamond Coating Concrete Leveling

Knowing how long concrete leveling will last is important for homeowners, businesses, and other organizations that need to make sure that the concrete leveling meets their specific needs.

Many factors affect the durability of concrete leveling services including the quality of materials used and the expertise and experience of the professionals performing the leveling.

Concrete Leveling FAQs

Q: How do you level uneven concrete?

A: There are a number of methods used to level uneven concrete surfaces. The method chosen will depend on the nature of the problem and the desired outcome. Professional concrete leveling services often provide a combination of techniques tailored specifically to each job requirement.

Typically, professionals use one of the following methods:

  • Slab jacking involves drilling holes into the concrete surface and pumping a mixture of cement, sand and water into them to raise the slab.
  • Mudjacking (or pressure grouting) is similar but uses far less material; it involves injecting material below the slab which forces it upwards as pressure builds within these areas.
  • Grinding and resurfacing involves using special diamond-impregnated grinding disks to grind away at uneven surfaces in order to qualify them for resurfacing with a resin or epoxy-based product.

Foam jacking is similar to mudjacking but uses low-density polyurethane foam instead of wet cement slurry in order to lift uneven sections.

Q: What is the cheapest way to level concrete?

A: When it comes to leveling concrete floors, doing it in the least expensive way possible depends on the scope of the project. For small areas that need minor adjustments, a self-leveling floor compound can typically be a good solution.

It involves only minimal labor costs and doesn’t require any special tools or equipment. However, depending on how uneven the floor is, a larger repair job may be necessary.

Q: Does self-leveling concrete crack easily?

A: Self-leveling concrete is highly resistant to cracking since it is designed to evenly spread itself over an existing floor or substrate. This ensures that the entire area has the same height and fineness, thereby significantly reducing the risk of cracks or damage due to uneven surfaces. However, it is not impossible for self-leveling concrete to crack.

Q: How long will concrete leveling last?

A: Generally speaking, professionally installed concrete leveling should last for many years with proper maintenance.

Q: How do you prepare for concrete leveling?

A: Preparing concrete for leveling involves taking the steps necessary to ensure that the concrete surface is appropriate for the chosen concrete leveling method. This usually includes:

  • Cleaning off dirt, dust, and debris
  • Repairing any cracks or other damage within the existing concrete surface
  • Removing existing coatings or stains, if needed
  • In some cases, preparation may involve completely removing the existing concrete surface and creating a new one

Once the surface has been adequately prepared, a professional will then be able to begin the leveling process using specialized equipment to create an even and smooth finished product.


Q: Where is Diamond Coating located?

Diamond Coating has two main offices located in Toronto and Ottawa.


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