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Covebase system is a continuation of the epoxy floor that runs up the wall. It can be use with all types of finishes including epoxy opaque system, flakes system, quartz system & more. The cove radius makes this floor system look beautiful and makes it easy to clean.

In environment where there is water and moisture, a regular baseboard would easily succumb to mildew and mold, but with our Epoxy Covebase System, your floor will be resistant to those environment. This system is also chemically resistant and extremely durable. Having a cove also means that there won’t be any crack between floor ends and the wall, which means there is no space for bacteria or mildew to form.




Meets & Exceeds Sanitary Code Requirement


Excellent Adhesion


Extremely Durable

Industry Application

Commercial kitchen


Packaging & storage areas




Pharmaceutical (standards)

Application Examples
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