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Everyone from contractors and construction companies to builders and renovation experts is utilizing diamond grinding techniques these days to create the ideal concrete flooring system for their projects. It is a flexible and affordable way to add an elegant and customized look to new or old concrete floors similar to more expensive tile, marble, or granite floors.


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diamond grinding services


At Diamond Coating Epoxy Flooring, we provide concrete diamond grinding solutions for all your smoothing and finishing needs in Ottawa, Ontario, and the surrounding areas. Our team uses the most advanced tools and employs the top technicians allowing us to easily and quickly remove the concrete floor and do whatever is necessary to achieve the desired results for your residential or industrial space.

Regardless of the size or scale of your project, we have the equipment, skills and experience to provide professional concrete polishing solutions you can rely on.

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One of the main benefits of using the diamond grinding wheel is that they help achieve higher accuracy. The sharp cutting edges of the equipment allow it to grind the surface to a perfectly smooth finish, ready for further work on it.

The sharpened grinding wheel allows for a smoother and more polished floor finish than other similar tools. It makes them perfect for restoring or preparing the surface for further work.


Diamond floor grinding is the process of removing the concrete surface or layers of concrete that can be sealed. The process starts with coarse diamond blades running over the entire floor and adding finer resins as coatings until the desired shine level is achieved in the space.

Our specialized team removes imperfections, inconsistencies, and visible damages to polished concrete, resulting in a more usable, low maintenance and smoother surface that can then be sealed. You may need our assistance for several reasons, including preparing the concrete flooring for new epoxy floors, improving safety, or promoting better drainage on uneven floor.



Our team of experts specializes in installing low-maintenance and durable polished concrete floors for homes, showrooms, retail stores, office buildings, restaurants, salons, schools, supermarkets, garages, hotels, hospitals, commercial kitchens, and industrial warehouses in Ottawa, Ontario.  

If you are interested in our concrete polishing and grinding solutions for your home, business, or industrial flooring, contact us at 647-800-2252 today! Our experts will be happy to discuss your needs and provide a free estimate.


Diamond Coating Epoxy Flooring provides the highest quality diamond polishing solutions for all your needs. As an industry standard, we use a high-quality diamond grinding wheel, which offers many benefits.


Diamond grinding wheels require less time to grind tile or concrete floors than other tools. It means we can complete your project in lesser time without compromising the quality.


These produce less dust during the process allowing for a safer and clean working environment for our team and anyone present on-site.


We follow eco-friendly practices to reduce our carbon footprint. Since diamond grinding wheels produce less waste during the process, they are environmentally friendly and allow us to fulfil our goals.


Q: How do you grind and polish concrete floors?

A:Polishing and grinding concrete is a multi-step process that needs to be followed:

  • Evaluate the condition of the concrete that needs to be ground and polished.
  • Pick the right equipment depending on the concrete’s condition and the grind’s depth.
  • Cleaning the concrete by removing any dirt or debris and etching the surface with an acidic solution.
  • Start polishing the concrete using a coarse-grit diamond cutting pad till the desired result is achieved.
  • Smoothen the surface using a finer-grit diamond pad.
  • Clean up the dust from the polished concrete floor created because of the process.
  • Now, seal the floor to protect the polished flooring from damage or staining.

Enjoy your durable concrete flooring space for years to come!

Q: Will the staining process make my concrete slick or slippery?

A: No. We mix non-slip grit additives into the sealers before applying them on any smooth surface. It helps maximize your polished concrete floor grip and makes the flooring slip resistance.

Q: What is diamond concrete grinding?

A: Diamond grinding is the method of cutting and levelling concrete surfaces to provide a smooth finish. It can help improve the concrete’s performance, reduce maintenance and make the flooring look new. However, it is not always the best solution for broken polished concrete surface or tile.

Q: What about stains on polished concrete?

A:To remove stains from polished concrete floors, just mop them immediately. For harder marks, you may use an oil and greaser removal liquid.

If the stains are persistent, you need to call a professional, as it may need multiple level cleanings for stain removal and to reduce further damage to the polished concrete.

Q: What are diamond grinding wheels used for?

A:These are power tools that have industrial-grade synthetic diamonds in them with ceramics and carbides.

The abrasive nature of diamonds makes them perfect for grinding, cutting, polishing, or shaping extremely hard materials such as concrete, tile, and other tough materials.


Special Offer: Get $100 OFF when you request a quote online!

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