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Give your worn-out and damaged concrete floors an upgrade with our polished concrete services!

We offer expert concrete polishing services for residential, industrial and commercial properties in the Ottawa area. We have the expertise, equipment and experience necessary to provide seamless concrete installation, repair works and a comprehensive range of concrete polishing services.

Whether it is older concrete needing repairs or a newly laid floor, we have the perfect solution to meet all your polishing needs. To discuss your polished concrete project or get a free quote, contact our concrete experts today!


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Polished concrete floors are among the most popular flooring solutions in Ottawa.

Modern, aesthetically pleasing, eco-friendly, low maintenance, and light reflectivity are reasons polished concrete is quickly becoming the top choice for hard surfaces in Ottawa.

Our skilled craftsmen have the necessary expertise and decades of experience in concrete repair and polishing for homeowners, commercial settings, and industrial facilities.

Over the years, we have worked on nearly every setting for concrete polishing services, including for –

  • Residential basements, Garage, Showroom floor, Restaurants, Warehouses, Retail stores, Schools & colleges, Offices, Gyms, Manufacturing facilities, & more!

With our expert team of concrete professionals working on your project, rest assured of getting stunning, high-quality results – every single time!


Various design options are available today to customize your polished concrete flooring. At Diamond Coating, our flooring experts will help you choose from different materials, colours, embedded aggregates and even cut patterns on the surface.

Our polished floor is perfect for any commercial and industrial project requiring a durable, long-lasting floor that can withstand high traffic and constant wear and tear.

Our quality polished concrete solutions, state-of-the-art equipment, best material and techniques, backed by the highest-quality service, have a reputation for exceeding our client’s expectations. 

Trust us with your next concrete flooring project, and you’ll love the results we produce!

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Epoxy is an excellent way to bring your garage or basement to life. Epoxy coatings on honed or polished concrete protect your garage from further wear and tear and make the concrete floors long-lasting, strong, waterproof and easy to clean.

Since epoxy coatings are non-porous, spills can easily be wiped off from the garage or other residential floor surfaces. This reduces the need for constant maintenance or repair, improves the floor’s longevity, and keeps stains away.

We use only high-quality commercial-grade epoxy coatings for your house, including for the garage, giving your concrete polished floors that look great and last for ages.


Commercial facilities need durable, long-lasting floors that look great for your customers. Polished concrete floors offer a clean, professional, and modern look, helping you make a great first impression on your customers, visitors, and onlookers.

The polished concrete floor can withstand wear and tear, increase safety, and require minimal maintenance. When you choose to have the cracks and holes of the existing concrete grind repaired, you opt for an eco-friendly process where you use the materials at hand instead of installing completely new floors.


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Floors in an industrial setting have a limited lifespan. They deteriorate fast due to various factors such as dust and high travelling traffic. Concrete polishing is an attractive yet cost effective way to upgrade the floors of large warehouses, factories, logistics centres and other industrial facilities.

At Diamond Coating, our concrete polishing services provide you with the perfect floor to carry out business operations without any issues.

Our industrial concrete polishing services are designed around large-scale projects. We work around your schedule and ensure the project is completed with minimal to no disruption to your business.

So, if your residential, industrial or commercial space in Ottawa area has worn-out or dull-looking flooring, speak to one of our experts today! Our industrial concrete floors are the best investment you can make for your space!


If you are looking for a perfectly polished floor for your project, we can help.

Our polished concrete will add a touch of class and style to any concrete flooring without a hefty price tag.

Call us today for a free quote!

Whether a medium-sized grocery store, a small boutique or an office space, our concrete polishing services are the perfect way to give your floor a seamless finish. We have various low-maintenance polish options to suit the needs of any commercial premises or residential homes.

Trust us to deliver the highest quality floor polishing services at the best prices in the market. We promise to give your residential or workspace the aesthetically pleasing makeover it needs and deserves!


Q: What do you mean by concrete polishing?

A: Concrete polishing is the method of smoothening the existing or new concrete surface using diamond abrasives.

Q: What are the advantages of a polished concrete floor?

A:Compared to other flooring options, polished floors offer many benefits to homeowners and business owners. Here are some of the main advantages of polished concrete floors:

Long Life

Polished concrete floors are known for their hardness, durability and long shelf life. They do not peel or chip and will retain their beautiful look for years.

Reduced Maintenance

A concrete polished surface is low maintenance flooring and easy to clean. With a quick clean-up of the spills and daily dust mopping, your floors can maintain their spotless shine for a lifetime.

Cost Effective

Concrete polishing uses only head grinders to achieve a smooth finish, lowering costs. You also save money by the reduced use of regular upkeep.

Aesthetic Appeal

There is an endless variety of colours and textures you can choose from for your polished concrete, imitating pricier flooring options. You can also add the decorative engraving and stencilled graphics on the surface.

Slip Resistance

Though they look shiny, the polished concrete floors are not slippery. The mechanical grinding and flattening of the concrete floors increases the frictional coefficiency and makes the floor slip resistance.


Polished surfaces do not require any toxic coating or adhesives for installation, making them an environment-friendly option.

Q: Can damaged concrete be polished?

A:Any concrete floor can be polished as long as it is structurally sound.

However, if the honed concrete floor needs extensive repairs, it may not be a good candidate for polishing. Before concrete polishing, we repair and correct damaged concrete. Contact us today for a free site inspection or quote.


Special Offer: Get $100 OFF when you request a quote online!

Get one of our Diamond Coating representative visit you at your place to provide you a FREE quotation!

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