Having worked in garage floor coating for the past decade has allowed us to get to know the business well, and in the process, we have heard quite a few myths that some people spread around about. Here are 5 of them:

Myth 1 –Garage Floor Coatings applied by professionals are quite costly.

There are a lot of companies out there, and, unfortunately, not all of them are reputable. Once you start looking around for a company to work on your garage flooring, you might encounter prices as high as $12 per square foot of Epoxy/Polyaspartic coating, which is twice as high as it should be. For a normal sized garage that has a concrete floor in good shape, you should not have to pay more than $6 per square foot. Now, this is not exactly cheap either, but the quality and durability that you get in the end means that it is worth it. 

Myth 2 – Buying a do-it-yourself kit is just as good as professional Garage Floor Coatings.

To begin with, the Epoxy kits that are available to everyone at big-box stores are not entirely bad and you might do a great job if the area you want to cover is fairly small. But when it comes to a bigger job such as your garage you are better off going with professionals; not only will a professional use higher quality epoxy/polyaspartic garage floor coating but higher-quality results are guaranteed since this person has the experience that is required for it. Here is a blog you can check out about this: 5 Criteria to Consider Before Going All DIY With Concrete Floor Coatings.

Myth #3 – Epoxy is just like paint so painting will do.

There are big differences between paint and an epoxy/polyaspartic garage floor coating. The final result is much more beautiful with epoxy/polyaspartic; it is also much more durable and resistant to tear and wear, meaning savings over the years because with paint you will have repainted many times throughout those years. 

Myth #4 – Before coating with epoxy, all you have to do is sweep and mop the garage floor. 

In order to get a concrete floor ready for an epoxy/polyaspartic garage floor coating, a professional has to get rid of loose cement paste, contaminants, and get the concrete pores open so that the coating bonds perfectly with the floor; this is done by preparing the floor to a “surface profile 2” or higher. 

Myth #5 – You have to reapply epoxy/polyaspartic garage floor coating every few years. 

This last myth will only be a myth if your epoxy/polyaspartic garage floor coating is of professional grade and installed properly. It might actually be true if you or someone else botch up the job and more so if they use inferior quality products such as a cheap do-it-yourself kit from a big-box store. 

Now that you know the myths of garage floor coatings. Call us with any questions you have or to request a quote

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