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A dream home isn’t finished until it has a luxury garage. Diamond Coating will transform your garage so that it no longer looks average or out of place.

Diamond Coating offers residential, luxury garage makeovers in Gatineau and the city of Ottawa. Our team has over 10 years of experience bringing garages to life with epoxy flooring, fresh paint, and complete storage solutions.

Whether your garage requires a total transformation or just a few touch-ups, Diamond Coating can get it done. Diamond Coating offers turnkey solutions for each and every project. We guarantee that every detail of your new garage will fit into place.


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Epoxy Flooring

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EV Charger Installation

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Garage Door Painting

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Slatwall and Overhead Rack Installation

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Custom Garage Cabinets


Garages are much more than the neglected parking and storage space we usually think of them as. Modern garages are luxurious, welcoming, and provide additional curb appeal to your already gorgeous home. Diamond Coating will transform your average garage into a show-room quality space that you are proud to come home to.


Diamond Coating will take care of all of the details of your garage design so that you don’t have to worry about a thing. Our process is simple and starts with a free consultation. To book your consultation and get a free quote, give us a call at (819) 303-3451 or fill out the online form above.

During your consultation, one of our experienced professionals will work with you to design your dream garage. Once we know exactly what you want, we will book a time for the renovation that works best with your busy schedule.

Our team will clean and prepare the floors and walls of your garage so that the surfaces are ready to be transformed. The epoxy flooring installation will take one day to complete. The painting and installation of storage units will also take one day to complete. In only two days, you will be able to park your car in your new garage!

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Fill out the form in this page or call us today at (819) 303-3451 to book a free consultation for your garage makeover project. Our makeover experts will design your garage with you so that you love the style and feel luxurious every time your garage door opens.


Say goodbye to oil stains and hello to bright, clean garage floors!

Diamond Coating offers epoxy flooring for luxury garage makeovers, available in a variety of solid colours, styles, granite, stains, or even as a clear sealer. The options are endless.

Epoxy flooring is durable and long-lasting. It is resistant to chemical and oil leaks from cars, so you won’t have to worry about those ugly stains anymore. Your new epoxy flooring will look bright and clean for a long time. Additionally, the maintenance required for epoxy flooring is minimal, simply sweep and mop as needed.

The first step in renovating a garage is to clean up and install new flooring. Installation of your new epoxy floor will only take a day or two, at the most. For a free quote on your epoxy flooring and garage makeover, give us a call at (819) 303-3451 or fill out the online form above.


A fresh coat of paint on professionally cleaned and prepared garage interiors will complete the look of your transformed, luxurious garage. To really optimize your storage space, you can opt for slat wall installation on one (or all) of your walls instead. This option will depend on how much storage space you need.

Diamond Coating will provide a complete, custom storage solution for your garage so that everything has a place (including your car!). Your garage will be complete with custom-built cabinet modules, overhead racks, and slat walls, which allow you to hang objects directly on the wall without installing additional hooks.

Our custom-built, stylish garage cabinets will quickly transform your garage into a clean, organized, and usable space. The cabinets are heavy-duty, so they are scratch and stain-resistant – which is exactly what you need for real-life use.

tools outside the cabinets
garage with gray color cabinets
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Fill out the form in this page or call us today at (819) 303-3451 to book a free consultation for your garage makeover project. Our makeover experts will design your garage with you so that you love the style and feel luxurious every time your garage door opens.


Very professional from start to finish. Would recommend Diamond Coating to anyone with an epoxy project for their home!
Kathy R

Amazing work. The installers were very professional and informative. My garage floor was terrible to start with, but they transformed it beautifully and didn’t cut any corners. The garage painting turned out beautifully as well. I highly recommend this company for your garage makeover!

Vana H.

Diamond Coating did an amazing job on our garage! Thank you!
Lynn J.


Diamond Coating has a growing reputation as the top epoxy installers in the Greater Toronto Area. We have locations in the national capital region in Ottawa and Gatineau and in the GTHA. We also service Vaughan, Whitby, Kitchener, Oakville, and Hamilton. For all of our projects, our team uses the highest quality epoxy resins and flooring products to get luxurious results our customers want.

Our team of highly skilled professionals are certified epoxy contractors with years of experience completing industrial, commercial, and residential epoxy projects. Diamond Coating offers turnkey solutions for every project, big or small.

Our team of experienced professionals will take care of every detail of your garage makeover project, from the epoxy floor to the overhead racks that fit over your car. We guarantee you will be satisfied parking your car in your new garage.

Book your free consultation today by calling us at (819) 303-3451 or by filling out the online form above.


Q: What is the best garage storage system?
A: We recommend a combination of custom-designed garage cabinets, overhead racks, and slat walls to optimize your garage space. The Diamond Coating garage storage system ensures that nothing is left on the floor again.
Q: Will Diamond Coating install my EV (electric vehicle) charger on my garage wall?

A: Yes! One of our EV-certified technicians will install your EV charger as part of your total garage makeover. The price of installation will be included in the quote after your free consultation is booked. For more information, fill out the online form above or call us at (819) 303-3451.

Q: How much weight can slatwall hold?
A: Reinforced slatwall will hold about 50lbs per bracket.
Q: How is pricing calculated for a luxury garage makeover?

A: The cost of the makeover will depend on which services are being provided. Epoxy flooring, for example, is priced based on square footage. Garage cabinets, on the other hand, are priced differently based on style and amount of cabinets required. By booking a consultation, we will assess the unique needs of your garage and provide a free quote for you. To book now, simply call us at (819) 303-3451 or fill out the online form above.

Q: I’d like to build a gym in my garage. What kind of garage floor will I need?
A: The most durable and long-lasting flooring for any garage is epoxy. To protect the floor from dropping heavyweights, we also recommend high-quality gym mats to go under equipment like squat racks or benches. For more information about building the optimal garage gym space, fill out the online form above.
Q: What are Diamond Coating’s policies regarding COVID-19 and social distancing?
A: To help prevent the spread of COVD-19 and to keep our customers and workers safe, we are currently working in teams of 3. Additionally, our team members will be wearing gloves and masks while work is being completed.


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Reliability and Integrity. Those words aren’t just words for us. We really mean it when we say that Diamond Coating is built on those values. Quality and ingenuity reflect our work ethic and the results we deliver to our clients. We are ready to realize your project in the best environment.