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Opaque system is accessible in multiple assortment of colors, with over 30+ colors to choose from. These systems can be installed with several broadcast options such as silica sand broadcast and Aluminium oxide pellet broadcast.

Opaque system is one of the most popular form of epoxy system for work environment. If slippery conditions are a concern silica sand can be broadcast into the epoxy offering a textured floor for a safer work environment. As it is extremely resistant to chemical produc, it is the logical choice for manufacturing facilities floor application.

The worker applies gray epoxy resin to the new floor
Opaque Epoxy Floors
opaque epoxy coatings

Super resistant to moisture and bacteria

Interior application with no harmful odours

Easy to clean

Resist to many chemical products

Industry Application


Industrial & Commercial

Food & Beverage facilities (standards)

Pharmaceutical (standards)

Worker applying a yellow epoxy resin bucket on floor.
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