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Create an incredible environment with our Garage and parking floor membranes. With the membranes showing the quality of the finished product, you will be adding value to your building and/or your home.

Our membranes provide high durability and abrasion resistance that makes it the right choice to stand up to heavy traffic, fuel and chemical spillages. These systems provide the safest solution.

Our garage and parking floor membranes provide a great noise reduction regarding tire squeal, which is a common problem within car parking environments.


Excellent chemical resistance


Fire resistant


Tires noise reduction


100% UV light stable - no yellowing effect

Industry Application

Multi-level parking


Industrial & Commercial


Drive lanes



Application Examples
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Reliability and Integrity. Those words aren’t just words for us. We really mean it when we say that Diamond Coating is built on those values. Quality and ingenuity reflect our work ethic and the results we deliver to our clients. We are ready to realize your project in the best environment.