Shot Blasting Concrete

Have you been wondering how to give your concrete surfaces a fresh look? Look no further! Shot blasting is here to save the day. With this method, you can make your concrete surfaces appear as good as new.

Let’s take a look at how shot blasting works and why it’s such an effective solution for reviving those neglected surfaces…


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Shot blasting is often used in combination with other methods such as concrete grinding to bring a substrate’s profile to the correct flatness prior to finishing and coating applications. When setting up shot blasting it’s important to consider any existing damage on the substrate such as:

  • cracking of concrete panels
  • spalling due to corrosion
  • delamination that could be further damaged by the increase in air pressure created during shot blast cleaning.

It’s also essential to protect any nearby personnel from the noise levels that are generated during shot blast cleaning cycles.


Shot blasting is a popular method of concrete surface preparation due to its efficiency, removal of existing coatings, and superior level of cleanliness. Shot blasting machines work by propelling small steel or plastic particles at high pressure onto the concrete surface, thereby removing the thin layer of material.


This process is fast and efficient compared to grinding, making it perfect for large jobs or tight timelines. As an added benefit, shot blasting produces minimal dust levels when compared with non-dry methods like grinding.



Shot blasting is a method of preparing concrete surfaces for refinishing and protection. This process involves blasting small steel or wire balls onto your concrete surface at high velocity.

The steel or wire balls effectively remove dirt, debris, and even old paint from the surface, creating an immediate improvement in appearance as well as a smoother surface for easy refinishing.


Shot blasting provides a thorough cleaning method for concrete surfaces leaving them with increased bond strength for adhesives and coatings. It also helps in the removal of stubborn substances including oil, grease, dirt, rust, and other unwanted materials.

The process utilizes non-metallic abrasive media which leaves an evenly distributed textured profile on the cement floor suitable for both decorative and functional purposes.

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Shot blasting machines come in many different models and sizes. Diamond coating has the best shot blasting machines for any concrete floor project.

The shot blasting machine can be adjusted depending on the condition of the substrate and application type. Shot densities range from aggressive coarse sizes like 4 Grit (#4) to fine light finishes like 30 Grit (#30).

At Diamond Coating, we prefer using 16 Grit (#16) Media in our units to provide good cleaning action combined with minimal dust generation enabling rapid conformal coverage on smooth or uneven horizontal surfaces throughout our entire project area quickly with minimal disruption.


Benefits of shot blasting also include:

  • Shorter set up time compared to using grinding machines;
  • Improved productivity with no heat generated in the treated area;
  • Dust free working environment;
  • Quicker cleaning times with less potential risk from cables and hoses trailing in wet environments;
  • Improved site safety due to minimal debris flying around;
  • Greater ability to achieve flatness results over lippage grinding methods;
  • Increased wearing area longevity thanks to good mechanical interlocking between adjacent segments in multiwire systems.
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Q: What is shot blasting of concrete floors?

A:Concrete shot blasting is a metal surface treatment technique that uses high-pressure jets of small metallic abrasives to clean and prepare metal surfaces for re-coating. This process is commonly used to prepare concrete walls and floors for painting or other finishing treatments.

Shot blasting could also be used on metal surfaces such as those found in buildings, bridges, and other structures where rust and corrosion build-up have caused deterioration.

Q: What Does It Cost to Shot Blast Concrete?

A: Operating a shot-blasting machine requires trained professionals who understand safety guidelines and proper machine operation so that surfaces are properly prepared without causing damage in the process. For a free quote on your project, call us today.

Q: How do shot blasting machines work?

A:Shot blasting machines use compressed air and specially designed media to break up imperfections on a surface such as a laitance, old coatings, dirt deposits, dust, debris, and more.

The media is then propelled onto the concrete at high speed via the hose which removes contaminants on contact. Shot blasting machines can also apply a profile or texture to the floor thereby providing improved adhesion and aesthetics if desired.


Special Offer: Get $100 OFF when you request a quote online!

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