What is Epoxy?

The use of epoxy resin in Canada covers a wide range of industries. Epoxy is created by mixing two resins together to create a highly durable product that can be used in a wide range of industrial applications, such as for protective wall and floor systems. Epoxy resin has strong adhesive qualities, which makes it a very versatile product for a number of industries. Its resistance to chemical and heat applications make it an ideal tool for anything that needs to have a strong hold under pressure. Its durability allows it to be used with a variety of materials, such as glass, metal, wood, china, and fabric. Along with industrial practices, it is also used commonly by woodworkers, artists and home hobbyists on everything from dining tables to coasters.

What is Epoxy Used For?

Epoxy based materials cover a wide range of applications, such as adhesives, coatings, and composite materials. They can be formulated in many variations depending on what they will be used for. The most common use is on flooring. This includes in homes, particularly garages and basements, but it is also commonly used on countertops, tables, bar tops and countless other items.

Epoxy Resin as Adhesives

Using epoxy resin for adhesive purposes is one of its most common uses. Epoxy glue can be used in structural applications such as in the construction of aircraft, vehicles, bicycles, and snowboards. Its ability to become rigid or flexible means it can be used in practically any application.

Epoxy Resin for Electrical Systems and Electronics

Epoxy resin has insulating properties that makes it a great option in electrical applications, such as motors, generators, insulators, and transformers. It protects from moisture, dust, and short circuits.

Epoxy Resin for Painting

Also referred to as powder coating, you can find epoxy paint in everyday household items, such as washing machines and dryers. Epoxy-based paint is typically used in commercial environments. The coating is protective, durable, and easy to clean, making it an excellent choice for appliances, as well as metals such as cast steel, aluminum, and iron.

Epoxy Resin for Sealing and Coating

Epoxy resin is well known for its preventative properties against corrosion, which makes it an excellent option for a number of household items that would normally rust over time. It’s also used for flooring applications. Epoxy flooring, such as terrazzo or chip flooring, use an epoxy resin coating because of its durability. Garage floor epoxy is also a commonly used application as well as epoxy grout.

Another application for epoxy is its use in epoxy countertops and epoxy tables. The coating protects these surfaces from constant use to preserve them for many years.

Epoxy Resin for Repairs

Due to its strong adhesive properties, epoxy resins are used by consumers to repair and maintain a number of household objects, such as china, glass, ceramics, metal, wood, and latex. Coating a fragile piece with an epoxy resin creates a fine and tightly former layer that protects and securely holds pieces in place for years.


Epoxy Resin for DIY Home Projects

Look around online and you will find thousand of do it yourself hobbyists, artists, applicators and woodworkers who use epoxy resin for amazing functional and artistic projects. SquidPoxy Epoxy Resin Supplier is an excellent source in Canada for clear casting and epoxy resins for this purpose. You can check out many of the amazing applications for their epoxy resin on SquidPoxy Instagram and SquidPoxy YouTube Channel.


Where to Buy Epoxy Resin

Generally, epoxy resins aren’t sold in a pure form that is useful to consumers, which is why want to find a company that knows how to mix properly. As mentioned for home use, SquidPoxy is a great option. For industrial and commercial uses – this is where formulations companies such as our main epoxy source Adhesives Lab comes into play.

They purchase raw epoxy materials and then compound these into epoxy-based formulations for commercial use by contractors, concrete specialists, residential garages, commercial projects, and epoxy installers like us.

You can check out and buy epoxy products here.

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